Updated December 7, 2022

Terraform module to deploy Bypass Censorship Enterprise Onion Toolkit instances in AWS. This module supports creating multiple EC2 instances, each serving the same selection of onion services. Due to the way that onion services are published, this provides basic load balancing and failover, although there is no direct coordination between the EOTK instances. Each EC2 instance is deployed to a separate availability zone (up to a maximum number of the number of available availability zones within the region).

aws terraform ec2 bypass-censorship tor onion-services eotk

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Updated November 23, 2022

Terraform module to deploy a pair of EC2 instances to run EOTK in AWS. It’s 100% Open Source and licensed under the BSD 2-clause License. Usage IMPORTANT: We do not pin modules to versions in our examples because of the difficulty of keeping the versions in the documentation in sync with the latest released versions. We highly recommend that in your code you pin the version to the exact version you are using so that your infrastructure remains stable, and update versions in a systematic way so that they do not catch you by surprise.

aws terraform tor eotk

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